Media links, 500 days, June 2015

Listed below are some of the media from June 2015 for 500 Days in the Wild:            

Poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis

Today’s featured artist is poet/singer/songwriter Tanya Davis who I recently met at a birthday shindig near Scott’s Bay, Nova Scotia. I love the sincerity and authenticity of her words. She was the 2011/2012 Halifax Poet Laureate, check out her work. The piece here is called, How to be Alone. It is a collaboration with another one

Ann Verrall. The Water’s Tale. filmmaker/artist

Of the many stories fairies tell This you must remember well It is a tale of those who’ve died Beneath the swirling, rushing tide And of others who were doomed As smoke engulfed and flames consumed And if you think this is their fate The fairies know it’s not too late For deep within the

This story has many beginnings. This is one of them.

  Two years ago I began working on a short film called, The Story of White Raven. I wanted to weave the myth of the bird with the science. And I wanted to weave them together to show that the picture of the whole was far greater than the picture of the half; that we

Horse logger, organic farmer, indie musician, Murray Boal

"It’s a company town, a company town, looks like the company going to let you down. Here for the profits and gone for the loss, People behind left paying the cost. - Murray Boal The first Canadian indie musician I am proudly going to feature here is Murray Boal who died a few days ago.