The story of the tent and the saint of St Fintan

There is nothing more vulnerable then being in the wilderness and losing your tent. There is nothing quite as humbling as doing it twice. After 52 days I am now on my fifth tent. Here is the story of the first three I cried the day two weeks after receiving my third tent the morning

The Gaff, the Beothuck spirits and the Viking. Days 31-34

The Topsails is the highest point and the most secluded section of the trail in Newfoundland. Imagine 4 freestanding mountains all named after the four sails of a ship, the Main topsail, the Mizzen topsail, the Gaff topsail and the Fore Topsail.  I was excited by the idea of a bit more solitude and connecting

The Moose & the Lost Tent: Day 26-27

After three days of heavy rain in Gander I ventured back on the trail and camped near Island Pond. That next morning as I scrambled out of my tent for a morning pee I saw standing before me three small moose. This is a filmmakers dream but my camera was in the tent and my