Danger and the Gun slinging angels. day 104.

Sometimes danger is obvious. Like the day the winds sucked me out to open water on the Bras D'or lake. As soon as I lost control of the canoe I could taste the fear. Sometimes danger is not as obvious. Two days ago I woke up in my tent to wind and rain. It was

The Dot that is Dee – Day 70 & 93

posted by Ann Verrall co-producer (video at bottom of post) It has been a couple of weeks since Dianne completed canoeing the Bras d’Or Lake in Cape Breton. A sigh of relief rippled from coast to coast. Since joining the 500 Days in the Wild project, much of my life feels like I am looking

Canoeing Pitu’pok

by Ann Verrall co-producer On September 2, 2015 Dianne began her first Trans Canada Trail water way in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia – canoeing what the Mi’kmaq call Pitu’pok (salt water) also known as Bras d’Or Lake, an inland sea. We picked up the canoe in Glace Bay which was generously loaned to Dianne by

Day 70. ( Sept. 16th) Ruby Red and the Water Dragon

Today is the first day where I came close to the edge of danger.  I lost control of the canoe, I had to surrender to where the waves wanted me to go. I was alone being pushed and pulled by large swells of water, the fear moving from my belly to my throat like a