Trail limbo and Prepping for the Fundy Coastal Trail

Trail limbo For the last two weeks, since mountain bike riding to Woodstock, attempts at returning to the trail have been a series of miscalculated decisions by me. Last week after the presentation in Riverview, I returned to Northern New Brunswick on a day when the sun was shining and just sporadic spots of snow

Vista Ridge Cottages, Duane, his Drone & Alma, NB

written by Ann Verrall Upon reaching Fundy National Park, Dianne encountered her first obstacle – the park is closed until May. We decided that if she could not continue through it, that we could at least explore the beginning of the park. So I joined Dianne and we headed to the beautiful village of Alma

Fundy Park and an Everest friend

When I finished the Dobson Trail in February I hit my first obstacle in 7 months, Fundy National Park. I am supposed to hike the 68km coastal trail to St Martins but the trail is closed and apparently has never been done in the winter. I have consulted with volunteers with the Fundy Hiking Trail Association, Marc