500 Days in the wild

Feature film 500 Days in the Wild is an unfolding story that ebbs and flows between documentary and adventure film, taking us into the realm of myth and legend. Indie filmmaker, Dianne Whelan is on a 5-year ecological and reconciliation pilgrimage along the longest trail in the world – the 24,000 km Great Trail (the Trans Canada Trail). 500 Dayscombines stories of the land, the people and the communities she passes through.

From pushing 150-pounds of bike and packs over rocks, to hiking through flooded bogs, paddling the largest lake in the world, snowshoeing through dense coniferous forests, skiing across wind-blown plains, the trail beckons. Dianne travels the ‘Old Way’, the slow way of the turtle,seeking wisdom from those that live close to the land, asking the questions “what have we forgotten?” “What do we need to know?”

500 Days is the continuation of an old story – the artist dropping out of society and reconnecting to nature – but it is also a new story, a realization that we will not survive traveling solo. 500 Days is symbolic of the 500 years settlers have been on this land. This film will challenge us to revisit our past, our connection to the land and its people, to find our inclusive story that will carry us into the future.

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There are several ways you can follow the journey. Regular posts are made on the Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter. Watch Tales from the Trail, a series of short videos from the journey starting in Newfoundland 2015 on YouTube. Blog posts on this website go up approximately every couple of months. You can receive an email notice for the Blog by signing up at the bottom of this page.


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