Terra Nova to Gander Nfld

There have been a few misty days on the Bonavista Peninsula when I have felt like a hobbit who packed too much stuff. I have no ring of power to throw in the fire but I have an ego that could listen more and talk less. I was extended a warm welcome in Terra Nova.

Terra Nova to Gander Nfld2017-11-23T05:58:00-08:00

Day 7 & 8 Arnold’s Cove, NL

After a week on the trail woke up after a good rain with two windows missing on the tent, glue gave way I guess. I bought the tent 6 years ago from MEC so decided to call their service center for advice. I used duct tape for quick fix but knew that was a bandaid,

Day 7 & 8 Arnold’s Cove, NL2017-11-23T05:58:00-08:00

WEEK 1 Placentia Junction, NL

Week 1 started briefly on foot to set the pace and connecting with the earth’s heart beat. Then transitioned to the mountain bike. Both slow on the on the soft red sharp-edged rail rock. For the first week I had my cousin Shelley looking after production management. Still in phone range I sent off requests

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Tickle Harbour, NL: Day 10 Solo

July 10, 2015 by Ann Verrall For the first 9 days I followed Dianne by car, connecting with her where road met trail, filming, providing support. Day 10, Tickle Harbour Station I said goodbye and headed back home. Tickle Harbour, a spot where the Trans Canada Trail crosses a road – the 203 heading to Fair

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Janice brown. film editor and co-director

The most important decision I make when I decide to embark on a new documentary film project is who the editor will be. Film editors are the silent backbone of a good film. Like a jazz drummer, they set the cadence upon which everything else is made. Working with a great editor is my favorite

Janice brown. film editor and co-director2017-11-23T05:58:00-08:00

Newfoundland and the spirits of the dead

There are two mile zeros on the Trans Canada Trail. One is in St.John's Newfoundland and one in Victoria, BC. So there are two directions one can choose from to hike the 24000 km path across Canada. I have chosen to go from east to west, and to begin here in Newfoundland, the land of

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Day 1. July 1st, 2015. The journey begins

Mile zero in St. John's begins at the old Railway station. There are no trains in Newfoundland, the rail tracks were ripped out and the rail cars were sold in 1988, 90 years after it was built. So I follow the ghosts of the rail on this first leg of the trail. Leaving St. John's

Day 1. July 1st, 2015. The journey begins2017-11-23T05:58:00-08:00
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