July 10, 2015
by Ann Verrall

For the first 9 days I followed Dianne by car, connecting with her where road met trail, filming, providing support. Day 10, Tickle Harbour Station I said goodbye and headed back home.

Tickle Harbour, a spot where the Trans Canada Trail crosses a road – the 203 heading to Fair Haven. There is no Tickle Harbour sign. No station. No sign of human presence except for the trail and the ATVs. Just lakes, brush, rock and distant hills. When mentioned to locals in near by communities there is no recognition of this place. This spot is where I said goodbye to Dianne. I set the camera up and left it running as she struggled to get, for the first time, all she would now need to carry on her bike. In a cloud of black flies, it became clear not all would fit – what to leave behind. Finally loaded. The bike now so heavy it easily falls. After goodbyes I watch her set off slowly, wobbling, up an incline. The weight of the bike causing her to weave back and forth. Two ATVs approach. She stops part way up the hill. And then several tries to get both feet on the pedals again to get enough momentum. I hear her sounds of excursion, of frustration, of determination. I run to follow her for awhile to make sure she gets up the hill. She is on her way. I stop and watch until she disappears over the rise. I head back to the camera. I discover the camera shut itself off part way through. There is no footage of her moment of departure. There is no Dianne speaking to camera saying “Day 10, solo”.