When the journey began part of the vision was to work with artists from every part of Canada along the way. While traveling through Muskoka in the fall, I connected with filmmaker Jeremy Munce to do some filming for the feature film.

( www.jlmunce.com)

The moment we met on the trail near Gravenhurst, Ontario, he jumped on his mountain bike, hit the record button on his camera and we raced for the setting sun and the magic hour light. I loved how he just immersed himself into the creative process. He carried his drone on his back so he could go from filming on the bike to filming with the drone running through the forest. Not an easy task. If truth be told, he lost a little blood on this film shoot. I loved our connection. A few days later Jeremy asked me if he could cut a short film from the footage he shot. He just sent me the link. And this is what I share with you on this blog.

Also in Ontario I reconnected with a friend who I met in the early 1990’s, Chantal Thompson. After days mountain bike riding on a rail line she met me north of Kingston with chocolate treats and cold beer on a very hot day. The last time we were in this area together was in 1994 when I was working on a collection of black and white images of women.  Now 25 years later our creative spirits get to play again. Her music is part of Jeremy’s short film and will be part of the feature film as well.