Huge gratitude for Doug Woods and 902 Post for helping with camera set up. In filmmaking I have learned to work backwards. Start with talking to a post house to make sure you choose the right camera settings. They see the mistakes that are costly in post. Doug met with us at 902 POST, and also at his cabin on a Saturday before we left for Newfoundland. Gratitude also for his wife Kathy Hilchey for sending me off with local herbs for my medicine kit.

doug woods

Doug’s kindness is one of the many beautiful things about the film industry in Nova Scotia. It is driven by heart, not just commerce and i hope the Provincial government of Nova Scotia comes to their senses and reinstitutes the film tax credit to support this creative industry. It is a far healthier then resource based industries and supported will last forever. I always remember that Winston Churchill quote during the second war when they wanted to cut arts funding in favour of the war effort,  Churchill said no and responded, ” Then what are we fighting for.”

In eliminating the tax credit the Provincial government is silencing the story tellers of this generation in Nova Scotia. I encourage you all to fight this and preserve the beautiful narrative of this culture.