Time, Fire, Snow and the Dobson Trail.

Prelude: Time Before I begin the story of the trail in New Brunswick, I think it is time to talk about 500 Days. When the idea of this journey was born it needed a name; I knew that it would take a long time, and 500 days sounded like a long time. Now that I am 148

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Helly Hansen and the December dip

One of the nicest gifts I received last fall was a high performance base layer from Helly Hansen.  The line is called, WARM. The description reads,  Professional level warmth and moisture management. I am never interested in the fancy words, what matters is, will it survive Dee. First day out on a snow shoe test run in

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The Generosity of Maritime Small Business

Keltic Quays It is often forgotten that the spine of the Canadian economy are small businesses, unique to their towns and villages. We are grateful to those that offered support to this weary traveler. October 8 & 9 Keltic Quay Cottages, Whycocomagh, NS After 40 day odyssey to paddle the Bras d'Or Lake,

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The busted tarp, a missing tent and MEC

When I begin my journey's the creative task is always to find a way to do it with what I have or what I can make or find. The focus isn't on what is lacking, it is building upon what I have. The tent I departed with was a five year old tent from MEC.

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Sharing with NAWN, St. George’s & Stephenville, NL August 2015

As Dee began making her way across to the west side of Newfoundland, Ann began researching community organizations for her to connect with and came across NAWN - the Newfoundland Aboriginal Women’s Network. An email was sent out and soon a reply came from Odella Pike. Interest in connecting was followed by an invitation to

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Comfort at Comfort Inn, Sydney & New Glasgow NS

End of August and the arrival in Sydney NS from NL by ferry meant switching from bike to canoe - land to water. This required Dianne to come off the trail to prepare. We were very fortunate to be offered some nights accommodation at the Comfort Inn in Sydney by General Manage Erin Shea. The

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The Story of Mr. Green

I met Edward Green and his partner Shelle on day 10 of 500 Days in the Wild. I was on the trail in Newfoundland pushing my bike up a twisty corner where some of the trail had been washed out when they drove by in their side by side which I describe as a golf

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Doug Woods 902 POST and the Nova Scotia film industry

Huge gratitude for Doug Woods and 902 Post  http://www.902post.com for helping with camera set up. In filmmaking I have learned to work backwards. Start with talking to a post house to make sure you choose the right camera settings. They see the mistakes that are costly in post. Doug met with us at 902 POST, and

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Bike Shops, Merlin and Arkel

Merlin was a wizard, and my 30 year old mountain bike was made by a company called Merlin. So bearing both those thoughts in mind, I named my bike Merlin. And it does imbue some magical qualities. For one thing, after four months of off road riding the Trans Canada Trail in Newfoundland, Nova Scoria and

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AMMP. WIFT-AT. January-June 2015

One of the most interesting experiences of 2015 was spending a Saturday once a month with 12 women at the Centre for Women in Business at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax. AMMP, short for Advanced Management and Mentoring Program, was set up for Women in Film and TV Atlantic ( WIFT-AT). There I met incredibly talented local

AMMP. WIFT-AT. January-June 20152017-11-23T05:57:59-08:00
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