I met Edward Green and his partner Shelle on day 10 of 500 Days in the Wild. I was on the trail in Newfoundland pushing my bike up a twisty corner where some of the trail had been washed out when they drove by in their side by side which I describe as a golf cart on steroids. They smiled and Shelle looked at me in a what the f*@k kind of way as I stood on the side to let them pass. It was a few hours later after I set up my tent on the side of the trail that I heard them go by. I was lying down contemplating munching on a few Robaxacet when I heard Shelle’s voice say, “hello, hello?”  I rolled out of the tent and struggled to get up to find  them standing there with a cold beer. ” We just gotta ask, ” Shelle said, ” what the heck are you doing?”

Two days later they found me on the trail and brought me a pizza. A few days after that in a wicked wind and rain storm they brought me a burger. In a three-day rain storm in Gander they brought me back to their home in Arnold’s Cove where their friend Corinna Courtney gave me a much needed haircut while locals drank beer and played live music. In true Newfoundland fashion it was a kitchen party in a hair salon.

And weeks later waiting for me at the finish line in Channel-Port aux Basques, Newfoundland, again in the rain, there they stood cheering me on. It took them 12 hours to drive there.

Ed has since been contacting media, finding me equipment and the occasional hotel when I go through a town to find a shower and a warm bed.

When you listen to the news you think the world is full of sociopaths. Turn off the tv and go outside.

The world is full of kindness. Ed and Shelle are shining examples of that and I have gratitude every day for them both.