One of the most interesting experiences of 2015 was spending a Saturday once a month with 12 women at the Centre for Women in Business at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax.

AMMP, short for Advanced Management and Mentoring Program, was set up for Women in Film and TV Atlantic ( WIFT-AT). There I met incredibly talented local filmmakers, producers and women who continue to inspire me. I now have the good fortune to be working with some of them on 500 Days: Ann Verrall, the co-producer for this project, Emma Fugate who looked after this film’s production and logistics in PEI and Kirsten Tomlinson who is helping with the idea of developing a wilderness survival App.

These women are the east coast midwives of 500 Days in the Wild as this project went from a seed to a living tree through the 6 months of the program.

So huge gratitude to Jan Miller and Laurie Sinclair for bringing this dynamic group around a table to share and help one another. And to Karen Wentzall, Ann Verrall, Ariella Pahlke, Lara Cassidy, Kim Mctaggart, Kirsten Tomilson, Kristy Wagner, Martha Cooley, Renee Field, Shandi Mitchell and Emma Fugate.