Arnold's cove blog pics stripAfter a week on the trail woke up after a good rain with two windows missing on the tent, glue gave way I guess.

I bought the tent 6 years ago from MEC so decided to call their service center for advice. I used duct tape for quick fix but knew that was a bandaid, not a fix. Those guys were great and sent me out a free replacement. And when I called, a human being answered the phone and said “how can I help you”. Imagine that. So a new tent tarp was shipped to my cousin Shelley in St. John’s and we made arrangements to connect in Arnold’s Cove at the Arnold’s Cove Inn where we stayed for the next 3 nights. Great hospitality and pan fried cod!
Filmmaker Ann Verrall met me there and we spent a day filming Walter and Nicey on a small commercial fishing boat. Up at 3:30 am and on the water in the dark we all headed out to do what Newfoundlanders have done for generations, fish for cod.

We also filmed local historian Edna at Drake Heritage House who showed us old beds made from straw and shared stories of a time when people had to do more for themselves, making blankets, mending shoes, and using local plants for medicinal remedies.

Again open and warm hearts shaped by a land of sharp rock and cold seas.
Days later Michelle and Ed came cruising by me on the trail in a side by side, essentially a golf cart on steroids. After a brief intro, and also from Arnold’s Cove, they took off only to return with pizza, a cold beer and a bag of purity candies. We chatted about how the train used to bring people together in a community and now the trail was doing the same.