For those following along, you may recall it took me 40 days to paddle the the Bras D’or lake in Cape Bretton. I had underestimated the spirit of this inland sea. On the journey I met people on her shores I can only describe as angels, beams of light who opened their hearts to me. Cape Bretton was a magical kingdom full of them.

And so it was with Eberhart Witt. I met him and his lovely girlfriend from Quebec, Helene, on the rocky shores of the Bras D’or last September. Eberhart owns a company called Kayak Cape Breton and Cottages in West Bay, Cape Breton. The sweet log cabin cottages are on the cliffs overlooking the beach with a spectacular view of the Bras D’or lake. He offered me a few nights rest in one of them while I waited out strong winds on the lake. He also rents out kayaks and although he was too humble to say so himself, is an expert kayaker.
Eberhart and Helene fed me beautiful food, took me on a bike ride and on two occasions when the waves and wind were bad, Eberhard came and helped me paddle.

So today’s gratitude is for Eberhart and Helene. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and warm hearts. Thank you for being part of the journey.