Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 8.51.37 AMannwritten by Ann Verrall

Upon reaching Fundy National Park, Dianne encountered her first obstacle – the park is closed until May. We decided that if she could not continue through it, that we could at least explore the beginning of the park. So I joined Dianne and we headed to the beautiful village of Alma on the Bay of Fundy, right beside the entrance to the park. We were able to spend three days in the area thanks to the generosity of Vista Ridge Cottages “situated on a ridge overlooking the beautiful Bay of Fundy and the rugged coastline of Fundy National Park”. It’s the ideal place from which to explore the park in any season.

We hiked the trail from the park entrance north along the Upper Salmon River until we reached an impassible brook – about 2 km.

We were also thrilled to have an opportunity to play with Duane Kelly and his drone in such spectacular scenery. The imagery is magical and breathtaking.

AND… Thank you Marc Leger and Misty for the lunch in Alma and sharing your advice and wisdom on the Fundy Park!

Many thanks!IMG_0802Marc-&-Misty